Families, Not Labels

Independent, local and community service to support families with children with additional needs, autism and behaviour difficulties.


When you learn  the strategies of how to use language skills effectively then messages are able to be received  and understood clearly, and this avoids many  behaviour issues. Read more

Educational Design

There are many ways to assist people and children with learning.  Specific strategies are targeted to address difficulties with learning new information, or the  learning of new skills and to make sense of the tasks and requirements  of learning. Read more

Behaviour Strategies

Through the use of schedules, rewards and positive encouragement children make gains in learning the skills they need to manage their behaviours and respond in more positive ways. Read more

Our Services

Behaviour Management

We look at the underlying causes of unwanted behaviours, with a focus on anxiety and managing stresses and environmental factors

Education Liason

Experienced with the Queensland school system, we can liaison, to be a clear voice speaking in your child’s best interest

Resource Design

Tailor-made resources designed to provide structure and reduce anxiety and negative behaviors.

Family Support

We offer in-home family support and mediation, from early-childhood challenges through to adulthood, helping alleviate stress and anxiety.