Family & Carer Support

In-Home Mobile Support

As a service provider, support is offered within the hours of family structures and circumstances.  This includes outside of normal working hours, accommodating for a range of specific locations and across a more flexible delivery of individual support.

Building Resilience Kids – Adults

Resilience is the ability to bounce back.  Low resilience is associated with fear of failure, fear to try new things or extend oneself to new opportunities.  Confidence and well-being are able to be learnt and taught.  When strategies and skills are provided to assist with new and unknown experiences, resilience can be developed, realistic goals set and confidence and a more positive self-image established.

Parent/Carer Workshops

From a proficient knowledge base of Early Childhood Development, information is presented with humour using everyday language and real life examples. Different approaches are required for different family dynamics and needs.  Specialised tailored strategies are offered to bring out the best support to meet the needs for both children and adults within the family structure. Helping every family member to develop a strong understanding of the individual, allows for the building of positive relationships. This ensures that adults are skilled in the understanding and knowledge of their children and they are empowered to meet their needs expertly.

Early Childhood Support

Early childhood is a unique and important part in a young child’s life and that of their family. Understanding this area and helping navigate through the range of services and providers is particularly difficult on your own.  Providing a unique blend of early childhood foundations along with the specialised and individualised knowledge of young children with developmental delays, allows a family the support to be represented within multi-disciplinary teams.  This unique role allows for strong transition planning and consistency for the family to ensure that voice of the parent and child is represented

Family Relationships

Unpacking the roles and responsibilities for Siblings of those with behavioural and social difficulties. Understanding the pressure on different family members and how this relates to the various members roles and responsibilities.   Each family has a uniqueness and each family’s circumstances is unique and changing.  Explaining what each member brings to the family and helping understand the different dynamics and personalities within that family, helps build and develop positive relationships for each member.