Unpacking Autism

Unpacking Autism

Autism is a developmental difficulty that presents as challenges in communication, social understanding and how a person senses and interacts with their world around them.  It is typically a life-long condition, although with the right intervention, support and targeted and skilled delivery of practice, many people are able to lead rich and fulfilled lives. Autism belongs to a “spectrum” and as such manifests differently for each person.

Each individual will share certain similarities but they will also be as unique in their own different ways. There are key similarities that are shared with those on the spectrum and these can be classified into core areas of functioning.[1]

Not every person with an autism diagnosis will have all of these core areas of difficulty, but all will have some of these presentations to a range of varying degrees. 

These areas are often:

Sensory Difficulties, Behaviour Problems, Communication Deficits, Social Understanding & Use, Restrictive and Repetitive Behaviours / Thoughts,  Difficulties with people in Authority, Inflexible understanding of own behaviours, Fine or Gross Motor delays, Inability to maintain friendships or Share attention with others, poor understanding with physical closeness, Anxiety and Stress extremes, Depression and Low Self-Esteem.

Some of these areas present significant difficulties to some and to others they can be quite mild or hardly evident at all.

The important thing is to understand and realise which of these difficulties are the ones that are causing the barriers for a person’s functioning and  how to apply the right strategies to use to assist them the individual and circumstances.

With a depth of years of experience working supporting families, individuals and educational settings to understand and accommodate for the individual’s needs and difficulties. Michele is able to present this knowledge with humour, passion and gentleness that matches the level of understanding and need required and is able to support the individual on the autism spectrum to work seamlessly with the other professionals who are providing their specialised support.